Fantasies: Staying Tuned In To Reality by Kyle Phoenix

I like my brain.  I often think I'm not sure what I know or that I don't know enough or that there's so much more to know.  Like I was just reading in the MIT Technology Review magazine (I make it a practice to buy one new magazine a month in a field, interest, genre totally new to me to stimulate creative and expansive thinking) about the population yearning for Mars but instead getting Facebook.  It was an exploration on innovative development having narrowed and essentially folded in on itself since the space race of the 1960's.  Which then took me into reading the cover story of Vanity Fair on Katy Perry (2011 issue I think) and she gave her then fiancee Russell Brand a trip on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin airline flight that goes into the outer Earth atmosphere---it's $200,000.

Ooooohhh, that sounds like fun.  I'd do that.

Fantasies fall into  few categories: adventure, sex, revenge, money, power.  And that's a great thing---the imagined becomes reality.  Everything you occupy outside of your body was an article of someone's fantasy at some point.  Think about that for a second.  This computer screen, your clothing, the chair you're in, the train you're on, perhaps even the body you're in is merely the imagination of your spirit?  But that's a whole other blog.  It's fine to fantasize, but it's better to fantasize and then consider the steps to get to that fantasy or how much of it is within reason and possibility.

I don't know if I could do full fledged outer space for a long period of time to the Moon or another planet but I guess there's training for that level of separation anxiety from Earth.  And $200,000 for a space flight isn't that much.  I'm gonna put this on the Maybe list.

Then I was thinking about an ex and his marriage to a thoroughly dour looking woman.  Or maybe she's just unhappy?  She looks really unhappy even in her wedding pictures.  Like she just signed a contract, read the fine print (got to know him) and then the pictures were being taken and captured her abject despair.  Anywho...I was thinking I should start casually bumping into her, befriend her slowly lull her into an affair then send him pictures or the video....or better yet the baby comes out all brown and bouncing and looking like me!!!!!!  Hmmm, didn't that happen on One Life to Live.  Hehheheheheheh.

I write fiction.  Trust me I can do more revenge work in that milieu than anywhere else so while this one is clever and insidious, it's far more interesting if I wait until they have children....wait, 20 years and then....nevermind.  :)

Ok, ok, ok.    Adam Rodrigiez.  Monica Belluci.  Guillermo Diaz.  Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Ryan Gosling.  Michael Ealy.  Ehhh, I have this whole thing about people and imaginings.  People are always like who do you think is attractive as a celebrity (I have had to prepare a personal list in my branch off fantasy of one day engaging Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker---it's one of her first questions to get your range) and I always flub it up.

See, if I haven't met someone in person then I really don't know them, I don't have a vibe on them.  So I can think of that person did something sexy---but their work is sort of predicated on doing that and my thinking that but I don't feel that about them.  But I still have a list for Patti....

I turn the corner behind the building just as the gunfire begins.  I'm able to crash through a door and put a table in the way as the dark suited men come in.  Several scamper over the table.  I going in Krav MagOUT mode, all about densest bones from me to the softest parts of their bodies.  Forearm, shoulder, vocal boxes, eye socket, heel of hands, solar plexus.  It gives me enough time to actually let them all into the room, turn around and roll/flip over the table blocking the door.  I slam closed the door, a truck comes down the alley, I flatten and ease out onto the street.  Slip into a diner a a booth, hunch over, snatch someone's discarded plate and begin twirling pasta on my fork, turn and laugh uproariously at my new friend next to me.  The villains race by outside.  I smile.  Leave a tip.  Stroll out.  And realize to myself, hey, I really am a good spy.

Krav Maga classes aren't that expensive.......

I occasionally buy a lottery ticket.  I'm not greedy.  That being said I've got two slots for this one: I hit the $10 million mega prize BY MYSELF (you have to get specific with the Universe or you and seventeen steel workers end up splitting a prize) and after taxes it's 6 or 7 million.  With some further financial education (I have a lot but I'd probably go to Kiyosaki's seminars, Tony Robbins too), judicious spending and careful investment I could turn it into a nice nest egg that would give me comfort and choices.  I don't need a lot, just passive income, say 28 to 50 percent of the principal every year.  

It's not inconceivable that with some financial education and a plan I could get those kinds of returns without the lottery cash.  I just have to stay on my developmental path and it will come in my lifetime.  Ok, so the above is fantasy that is within my grasp.

I occasionally buy a lottery ticket.  I'm not greedy.  That being said I've got two slots for this one: I hit the $250 million mega prize BY MYSELF (you have to get specific with the Universe or you and thirty four office grunts end up splitting a prize) and after taxes it's about $120 million.  First off I pick up the check at the press conference in a fat suit, dredlocs wig with glasses.  We need to keep the face, reality and the new face under wraps.  The limo waiting outside says it's heading to the airport. I discard disguise, get out a few blocks from the press conference, hop on the train, head uptown to the posh hotel that I've rented a suite at for a year.  

I ruminate there (with a personal trainer, lawyers, financial planners, business planners, I buy a few dinners with some smart folk, buddy up, make a friend or two) and work out how to turn it into a billion dollars in my lifetime.  Once I have an idea of that....well, then the story gets real interesting.........

I start a TV show for kicks and years later am still doing it and enjoying it.
I further my education at a really great school.
I keep writing, going into almost three decades of having been published and it's no longer just articles and short stories, now it's books---fiction, non-fiction, education....and I have ideas for more and more.
I'm on YouTube...but not doing something foolish.
My work is alignment with my personal mission statement around edification of others and my vision to free my people.
Check.  Check.  Check.
I'm a warm and loving person.
I'm sane and able to be happy at every and any moment.
I am present with people and the Universe.

Maybe I'm living out my deepest fantasies....even though yes, I have even had a dream about being in the posh hotel suite with several attendants....curiously enough there was no lottery ticket involved.  And I have essentially dreamed my way to this point....hmmmm, maybe, just maybe I'm moving towards that outcome?

What are you moving towards?  What are your fantasies?  What are your dreams?  How far away from them as a reality are you?

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