Is it possible for black people to get a tan? by Kyle Phoenix

Caleb Creed

I went to Nassau in the Caribbean for 10 days. It was HOT. No, no, no——like paradise in Hell hot. I spent two days just luxuriating in the king sized bed and going at night to the casino and dinner when the sun went down. But slowly I inched out day after day——beach, volleyball, parasailing, lunch, shopping.
By the fourth day I was significantly darker.
By day six I was actually about five or six shades dark—-luckily I had a speedo bathing suit with long crisscrossing shoulder straps and high leg cuts so I got dark everywhere.
By day seven I was actually peeling—-I’d never peeled before.
By day nine, I’d scrubbed and lotioned off all of my peeling skin and was a really dark mahogany, normally I’m a mid to light cinnamon—-not that you really think about this——I notice the extremes think about color—-White, light Blacks and very dark Blacks——those of us in the mid light to medium really don’t)
By day 10 I was ready to go, just as I was getting used to the extreme heat——did I mention it was hot? I’m not a big heat person.
So yes, I tanned and in my nether regions and the criss cross of the straps I had tan lines but the crotch area is much darker—-due to blood mass?—-so it was harder to tell there—-however all along my side/back there were ines.
In NYC I go to the beach sometimes 4 days a week in the summer and I get about two shades darker, especially in the face.
It’s just melanin, not a force field.

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