Monday, April 30, 2018

Kyle Phoenix Answers: Stephen King is 70 but so far he's written almost 60 humongous novels, numerous short stories and other books. How does he do it and what is the quality of his writing?

Kyle Phoenix Answers: Why is gay sex cool?

Kyle Phoenix Answers: In 1980 a wealthy former friend bought a New York City Housing Authority apartment for $300 using false documents. This apartment was meant for purchase by poor people. Considering that was 38 years ago, what should I do?

Kyle Phoenix Answers: Why is economics and personal finance not focused on more in public education seeing as it plays major role in ones life?

Kyle Phoenix Answers: Is it racist to not be attracted to your own race?

Kyle Phoenix Answers: Can people with verified "high IQ" tell us some things they really suck at no matter how hard they try?