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Saturday, September 29, 2018

How do I attract a rich man (gay, straight, sgl, bi, etc.)? answered by Kyle Phoenix

How 50 Cent Made and Lost His Fortune by Luke Christou on the Kyle Phoenix Blog

How 50 Cent Made and Lost His Fortune

by Luke Christou

“Technology is what’s changing the business. Gotta get with it. I take money no matter if it’s coins or dollars,” rapper-turned businessman 50 Cent said after reports that he would take bitcoin payments for his 2014 album Animal Ambition.

Update: Jackson has now said that he never owned Bitcoin but went along with the incorrect report on TMZ

The rapid rise of bitcoin’s value, which peaked at just under $20,000 late last year, secured the rapper a multi-million dollar windfall, according to TMZ. Jackson has now said that he never owned Bitcoin but went along with the incorrect report on TMZ

Having filed for bankruptcy with debts of $32.5m in 2015, it has been a whirlwind few years for the Candy Shop singer.

50 Cent net worth: ups and downs

50 Cent’s net worth peaked at $155m in 2015 according to Forbes’ annual Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists list. The popular rapper had featured on the list every year since it was first published in 2007.

However, a 2016 legal battle saw his worth drop by almost $200m in 12 months, leaving him bankrupt with $32.5m of debt. There were some claims of fabrication after pictures of the rapper posing with wads of cash were posted on image sharing platform Instagram.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, 50 Cent is currently worth $20m.

How 50 Cent made (and lost) his fortune

Discovered by hip-hop star Eminem, 50 Cent rose to fame as a musician in 2002 after signing a $1m record deal with rapper-turned-producer Dr. Dre.

Within five years, hits such as In da Club and Candy Shop made 50 Cent into one of the biggest names in hip-hop. He branched out from music and tried his hand at acting (Get Rich or Die Tryin’) and video games (50 Cent: Bulletproof).

According to Forbes, the rapper was the market’s second highest earner in their inaugural 2007 Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, having made $32m over the previous 12 months.

Albums such as Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which sold 12m copies in its first six months, made 50 Cent a rich man. However, as is often the case with hip-hop’s top earners, most of his wealth came from business ventures.

Notably, 50 Cent partnered with enhanced water company Glacéau in 2004 to serve as the celebrity spokesperson for flavoured mineral water VitaminWater in exchange for a share of the company. Mentioning VitaminWater in numerous songs and interviews, the brand’s popularity grew with 50 Cent’s fan base.

This ultimately led Cola-Cola to shell out $4.1bn to acquire Glacéauin 2007. As a minority shareholder, the rapper reportedly earned $100m after tax.

He has since invested some of his money in Dutch alcohol brand Effen Vodka in the hopes of a repeat. Likewise, he signed a $78m deal with underwear brand FRIGO Revolution in 2014 to become its chief fashion designer.

The fall

Such deals saw his worth climb to $155m in 2015. However, he somehow found himself $32.5m in debt that same year.

50 Cent declared bankruptcy days after he was found guilty of releasing a sex tape online in June 2015, for which he was ordered to pay $5m to the victim. The previous year, Jackson had been ordered to pay $17m to headphone manufacturer Sleek Audio for copying their designs.

According to bankruptcy filings, the rapper was $32.5m in debtwith estimates assets of $16m, leaving him $16.5m in the red.

The case has since been resolved. According to TMZ, the rapper agreed to pay off $23m in debts over five years back in 2016. However, it has left 50 Cent’s net worth diminished. Or, at least, so the rap star claims.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Kyle Phoenix Asks: What do you think of asking middle school students to dress based on their "relationship status"?

A middle school’s spirit week is being called “inappropriate” by a concerned parent because of its color-themed dress code.
According to a tweet from M.J. Mouton, a father whose 12-year-old daughter is a middle school student in Iowa, La., the Homecoming 2018 Dress Day guidelines included color coding based on the young students’ relationship status.

The theme was apparently carried over from the high school that shares a campus with the middle school, but Mouton was not OK with the message it was sending to children as young as 11.
“Maybe it’s appropriate for high school, but for middle schoolers, it’s not,” Mouton, who writes science books for kids, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “[My daughter] doesn’t really have interest in those things. She also sees that there’s going to be some kids who potentially are going to feel bad [about not dating], or kids who are going to participate because they want to feel a part of something.”
As his tweet was spreading far and wide, Mouton also went the old-fashioned route and emailed the school about his complaint on Sunday. “Are you promoting relationships for kids in middle school?” he asked in his letter. “Are you setting up boys and especially girls to be targets? Do you understand that if a single kid speaks up about this being wrong, which many do [feel], they fear repercussions from students as well as teachers?”
By Monday morning, he received a response.
“Our intentions were not to cause undue stress on students or their families,” read the letter, which Mouton posted on Twitter in a screenshot. “Unfortunately, we did not hear about them until so late in the week that we were unable to change our days. I can assure you that we have plans in the works for next year to avoid a repeat of these circumstances.”
Mouton’s interpretation of the letter is that the school received complaints other than his. He also wonders why the school couldn’t send out an automated message declaring Monday a “free” dress day.
Iowa Middle/High School and the Calcasieu Parish School Board have not yet responded to Yahoo’s request for comment. The school board told local news station KPLC that it had no comment because the issue was handled at the school level.
Mouton, who grew up in the town of Iowa, is slightly worried about his daughter facing the repercussions of this complaint becoming a news story, but he had her blessing before he sent the tweet. Some in the area, he thinks, maintain “heirloom ideologies” about boys’ and girls’ behavior.
“I don’t think my child would’ve done it if he were in middle school,” Doneka Dugas, a mother of a high school student, told KPLC.
Judging by the response to his tweets, many people agree with Mouton’s assessment that the theme was inappropriate. He also thinks that only about 50 percent of the kids in his daughter’s school wound up dressing according to the theme on Monday.

“If nobody said anything, they would just let this go on for years and years,” he says.
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Sean Blackwell: Am I BiPolar or Waking Up?

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Kyle Phoenix Answers: If I found a cash pallet ($24 million) hidden by drug dealers, how can I use it without getting caught? Assuming the individuals involved in the illegal dealings are dead, how can I turn this money into legitimate funds without raising a red flag?