Kyle Phoenix Answers: What principles or structure do you find essential to map your journey for financial success?

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Honestly, I'm not sure my undergrad time was worth it as I did it. The mentoring, the writing, the spiritual work, yes, 80 credits of writing classes. All good.

But afterwards I took about two years of advanced computer classes in office, graphic design and programming for a tenth of the cost. Temping and those classes were a truly great and varied education in business and professionalism. That was worth it. I would have combined the two, maybe been a part time student instead.

Education is my third career, I could've started earlier and I wish I'd started my media business ten years earlier because I have to create so much content. That and a mastermind group, I just joined one here in NYC again. I would have a bigger, deeper CV to convert. I feel like I am playing 2-3 year catch up.

  • The royalties and business hiccups I manage now should've been over a handful of years ago but I didn't know how to carve my own path.
  • Principles in action faster
  • Work to learn, not earn
  • Dump toxic people.
  • Put more into the marketplace, experiment earlier and more.
  • Learn hard skills as priority and softer ones alongside them.
  • Plan and plot years out in 1,3, 5 like I do now.

I would have taken money from mother that came with strings and invested it. I could've found a space between freedom and her control which I used away college to create. (I might've been a basket case then lol I am on the fence about independence and what it cost me on one hand and sanity on the other. I absorbed 50k in debt with college.)

  • Different friends, more ambitious people. I found out a lot I was the most motivated. I would have stated criteria for friendship, I was too frivolous and arbitrary.
  • Planned long-term.

Don't get me wrong, I'm doing okay now and it's getting better but I think a lot on wasted time. Ithink about five years were not focused on my adult needs.

  • Tony Robbins Personal Power 2 cds helped immensely undergrad, I would have done it more, monthly. I got results but I didn't change friends for about four years so I spent time mired in drama.
  • I would trust my own ruthlessness if that makes sense.
  • I've been compassionate as a fault, a disease to please. It took maybe ten years as an adult to sit with a therapist and unravel.

Ok,ok 1 year therapy, part time college, full time work, tech classes, mommy money, clean friend house in that order would've gotten me to productivity now level ten years ago.
Now I understand how to use my past as barometer that's something that is uncomfortable because you're piloting blindfolded so trusting my own instincts took too much time. Now I can say I'm smart enough to be sure of my sense of most things. I'm confident in my own wisdom.

Smile, Kyle

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