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Kyle Phoenix, MBA, Ed., PhD is a teacher, certified adult educator, sexologist, sex coach and sexuality educator with over 10 years of experience. He received his degrees from University at Buffalo, New York University, and Columbia University and certificate from the New York City Department of Health as an HIV pre- and post-test counselor.

As a veteran in the field, Kyle Phoenix provides his expertise to leading organizations, companies, and the media ensuring a comprehensive approach to sexuality. He also designs and presents trainings and workshops tailored to audiences at colleges and universities, corporate gatherings, national conferences and community based organizations. Additionally, Kyle Phoenix coaches singles and couples helping with orgasm and desire difficulties, increasing sexual satisfaction, dating dilemmas, communication, talking with their children about sexuality, and more.

Throughout the years, Kyle Phoenix has provided millions of viewers with practical, honest, and medically accurate identity, educational and sexuality information through his syndicated televised instructional/talk show The Kyle Phoenix Show. He has also created over 20 online venues (YouTube, Hi5, MetaCafe, Sclipo, etc.) where recorded talks, seminars and classes are available for viewing and download. There are also downloadable podcasts on ITunes of his work.

For more than six years, Kyle Phoenix has written a daily blog that is read by thousands and purposefully focused through social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) at all six continents. He then created an e-newsletter and an international magazine, Genesis, which incorporates cyber and published articles into a comprehensive guide for individuals and institutions around identity, education and sexuality. For over a decade he has been published in a slew of literary and non-fiction magazines across the country.

For a decade spanning 2003-2013, Kyle Phoenix has worked at non-profits and universities focusing on accelerating adult education. Over the years, Kyle Phoenix has helped tens of thousands of people by responding to technical assistance requests from the media, health and education professionals and the general public. Providing information, advice and guidance on a wide range of vocational, identity and sexuality issues—Kyle Phoenix most commonly answers questions about the latest stats in the field, resources for credible information/referrals, sexual health and a comprehensive approach to sexuality education including information about curricula, skills-based lesson plans and parental involvement. Many people in the non-profit, educational field and media have relied heavily on Kyle Phoenix's expertise.

In 2009, Kyle created a unique adult training program/school called The Omni Institute that focuses on accelerating adults in varying stages of education through traditional and culturally specific techniques. The Institute seeks to advance individuals as well as teach them the mechanics of critical thinking, the application of ideology to liberation and then actualized power. Additionally, while at several non-profits, Kyle created numerous publications and program manuals including Manhood: A Curricula for MSM; The Omni Institute Workbook and Instructor Training manuals.

Kyle Phoenix is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, New York University, and Columbia University, where he began his career facilitating on-campus workshops addressing a wide range of sexuality and sexual health issues. He lives in New York City with his children and family.

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