The Final Fantasy, DVD, Animated Movie

I was very impressed with this movie, it coming on the heels of having seen the Matrix: The Osiris with Dreamcatcher in theaters. There were of course technical/graphic image things that were similar to the advanced displays of the Matrix short, made years later.  But this actually went into having a plot and humanization (if such a word exists). The main deficit to this form of design seems to be the effort to make younger people appear perfect. Dr. Sid tends to look the best because he has wrinkles and frown lines. That’s mainly my visual critique. It’s apparent that this computer rendering is much cheaper than physically trying to create these images and can be done on a much grander scale.

The plot was pretty good too. Though I still don't get the Spirit Hunt----that part of the metaphysical science is left a little vague. And the fact that their hypothesis is doubted is honestly right. How the spirits of some animals and vegetation on Earth are special versus say those of other living people is not fully answered so that this group of people can risk their lives. The concept of the Phantoms being a cosmic accident and not an invasion was original but I thought it a little slow that no on else thought of them as ghosts beforehand. What I'm mainly saying is that a lot of these plot points took a back stage to the computer elements and most importantly there being a sense that more than a handful of people on the entire planet had the ability to think. That made the overall plot a little simplistic to me but I still enjoyed it.

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