Pleasuring Tops, Bottoms and Versatiles by Kyle Phoenix

For over ten years I've been teaching workshops to men around sexuality and for the past 5 doing online seminars and the weekly The Kyle Phoenix television show around sexuality/identity---I thought it was time to pull together that information. People often email me questions and scenarios and problems, some really hilarious and some about serious distress that I've tried to address in this book. Everyone has a right to not only a healthy and enjoyable sex life but also to being able to decode the thoughts of others and how to please them as well. Men often express to me their confusion and frustration with other men from an emotional, spiritual and sexual perspective to the point where it seems like they're dealing with a whole other sex based upon the vagaries of sexual position. I thought this would be an excellent way to bring some
much needed insight and strategies to all men in the area of sexuality, being a homosexual man, whether one identifies due to race/culture as a gay, curious, queer, bi or same gender loving man.

Book Blurb: Written by Kyle Phoenix, Ed, Phd, author, television show host, YouTube sensation and a teacher on sexuality and relationships, as an expert he has over fifteen years experience and has counseled and work-shopped thousands of men and women.. His first book on sex and sexuality book focuses on being the preeminent instructional aid for men---gay, straight, bisexual and same gender loving to pleasure themselves and other men sexually. Kyle Phoenix has taught thousands of men throughout the country on his syndicated television show, The Kyle Phoenix Show (broadcasting to an audience of 500,000+ a week), countless in-person workshops, a daily blog (with over 25,000+ hits a day), online videos (with thousands of hits) and several universities. Now he brings through a detailed anatomy lesson, clear pictures, detailed glossary and outline of sexual positions, exercises and dozens of specific activities to try out with one's self or with a partner. The reader will learn how to have ecstatic, intense and mutually pleasurable sex for a lifetime! Included in the book are links to hundreds of Mr. Phoenix's instructive articles on dating, relationships and online videos. Every reader will close this book changed by the contents and ready to reach new heights of pleasure!

Thank you for reading,

Kyle Phoenix
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