Do Me Good: Special Reports for Tops and Bottoms by Kyle Phoenix

 The thrill of dancing with a man is in the exchange of energetic possibilities.  Leader and follower are interchangeable  Control and power are more pronounced but less important because of the implicit vulnerability  I don’t mean frenetic, salacious gyrating where the focus is on the simulation of sex but instead where the desire is to rhythm, to synergy.  

Hips in to the beat, arms out to chorus, torso twisting as the high note is hit.  Sometimes his hands are on you and that means something because men don’t often grip men in public but this is more affirmation, more intimate because it means he truly likes your body.  
The palms of your hands on his shoulders, feeling the pulse, turn and push of muscles as you connect eye or watch the other lost to the moment
To sway with another is analogous sex and that’s what I try to teach men to do, to be conscious of their body and the bodies they’re with.  When we’re not frenetic or regarding other human beings as ”meat”, “trade”, “pie of ass” and instead as an alive, vibrant person we become when appreciated  The dance of sexual congress can be as intricate, rhythmic, intensive and exhausting.  But it is delightful, isn’t it!  You feel seen, touched, invigorated, satiated, no?

               Then I invite you to try the Special Reports and specialty books I’ve compiled to teach, coach and encourage men hot to dance in congress better with one another.  Each one teaches specific techniques, strategies and physical positions to satisfy and pleasure a man with a man.


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Kyle Phoenix
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  1. Being a gay male I still don't even understand the whole top and bottom thing because it feel like a role people got to play.