Kyle Phoenix Presents: Why "The Secret" Didn't Work Explained by Hans Wilhelm on The Kyle Phoenix Blog

For years in classrooms, I've used The Secret directly and work on the Law of Attraction and other spiritual/universal materials to help participants focus themselves.  BY focus, I mean, when we get an idea of where we want to go, what we want to do, it helps to have a tool, some instructions on how to achieve that path.  Some participants saw outcomes they wanted; I personally can say that I've experienced my own outcomes in alignment to my desires---whether I understood them or not.  Here's what I do know to be true: yes, we manifest our destinies, yes, we construct our path, inch by inch, action by action and yes, we do so by being wholly responsible for our lives, by taking full responsibility for our lives.

Once you take responsibility for your life, once you accept that life is unfair, that it is not suppose to be fair, you come into your own power.  Perhaps even as a lesson we're suppose to accept that which is contradictory towards our sense of comfort and desire?

What do you believe about how you shape your own destiny?


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