My Amazon Author's Page by Kyle Phoenix

My Amazon Author's Page

Kyle Phoenix in Emporio Armani,
Manhattan, NY
I'm particularly proud of all of my work being pulled together into an Author's page---you'd be surprised at the things that hit you as touching during your work.  I've presented to thousands of people over the years, in person, online, through Skype even---in multiple countries! but when I was asked to compile and contribute to this Author's page, I was tickled beyond reason.  For years I've always clicked onto other Author's pages and though I was never envious, when I finally received one, I realized how valuable I thought they were.  How encouraging.  This is one of the moments when I finally felt like an author, after years of being published in multiple venues, again all over the world, this and when I arrived for a book presentation and a member of the audience had a copy of one of my books---and it was well worn/read and dog-eared---that hit me in the emotional breadbasket!

Kyle Phoenix
My Amazon Author's Page

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