Kyle Phoenix Answers: 10 Reasons Why Gay Men Are Usually Good-Looking Vs. Straight Men?

1. Gay men have more disposable income

Lack of courting women and childcare responsibility for at least 10-20 years of adulthood. Even if they partner with another man, its highly unusual for a man, without children, to be a house husband, so there's additional income.
I'm not very vain/high appearance maintenance but I routinely try out soaps, cleansers and use high end shampoo for bubble baths.
I order FreshDirect food online, have takeout at least once a week and average a restaurant once a week in a slow year. I wear mainly cotton, wool, natural fibers 90% of the time. I've bought $50 socks---Donna Karan, a gym membership at $100 a month, my dentist is on Central Park South, my doctor on the Upper East Side, I like/buy Emporio Armani suits....socks and ties. I fast shop at Whole Foods and other middle to upscale supermarkets so food is fresh, I can go organic, less pesticides. I try to walk jog 20 miles a week to exercise and think----no kids, no ltr partner means I can do tho for hours on end, simply attend to myself.

2. More free time to research.
I teach the video Food , Inc and I regularly watch films and read books, just finished Tools of Titans and a caveat from Ferriss the,writer was to pay attention to which interviews you gloss over. So I geared down on the health sections and have made Time and money investments in increasing my insurance coverage for health additives, upgrades, etc..

3. I have more sex.
Sex is both calorie burning when you do it for a few hours, as I prefer, and lowers blood pressure and risk of heart disease. In a good year I have maybe 12-15 hours of sex a week.

4. More relaxed lifestyle than heterosexuals
The positive side of a gay culture is its much happier, more parties, spontaneous vacations, more fun/superficial if you chose to engage or get lost in that. As men we "play" more.

5. Work balance is different.
I only do work I love or enjoy. I technical work 2 1/2 days a week and running my own micro business means I can do it the other days or not or overlap work to those 2 days. Not having children, marriage yet means I'm less stressed.

6. Black don't crack.

7. Native Blood heals.
I'm part Narragansett Indian, coupled with some sturdy African and Irish/Scottish stock there are genetic benefits. But not smoking, rarely drinking, never having done drugs----food and exercise are life nuclear fuel to keeping my skin elastic, collagen gleaming, I tan nicely. Diabetes is offset by my paternal lineage, cancer is rare in my family but heart disease isn't so I exercise medium to high.

8. I practice safe sex 100% of the time
The messaging worked with me and I get antsy when it's even in the state of the city of the neighborhood of unsafe. But that eye on biological infection makes me health conscious to injuries, if I have a bump or bruise, I'm less likely to let it go unchecked.

9. Higher education and peers
I'm saturated in knowledge on health, too excess by the super in shape gays. The ones who intently explain juicing and powders and kettle balls----the sub community I engage to is health and appearance conscious.

10. Being on tv weekly I see myself, I see weight gain, I see how I appear and sound. Now ironically I'm not as self conscious or narcissistic but I have a near constant barometer.
In gay culture its like being a woman and a man, you're conscious of your appearance in a heightened way because men assess you. Hetero men dont feel the same sense of conscious scrutiny from men and women, maybe just women.
I want to stress how I'm maybe a 5 on the gay self consciousness scale because my life work is more intellectually mentally focused. Most men are rocking on a level 8 around me . They are much more intense about looking good, I rate as well put together, but damn near heterosexual on self attendance , I am low maintenance comparatively speaking. I would put heterosexual men at a 3 on the scale, high end a 6. Which is still beat by the gay 8.
The most extreme looks thing I do is vary razors, shave properly and I went to a dermatologist for a couple of years for better skin regimen. I also use Noxzema every once in awhile. :)

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