Can one be non-heterosexual and religious? by Kyle Phoenix

 I've been really lucky to have been several religions growing up---I think I'm on my fifth or sixth religion and I love them all and others I'm just learning about. I'm often amazed that people take as didactic truth a text that people wandering around a desert 4000 years ago needed for law and order as the best script for our lives now. But that's just the Bible, there are many other holy thoughts in books all over the world. I am often amazed that people of African descent can only talk about Judeo Christianity and don't know the origin of Coptic Christianity---which predates Jesus by 4000 years and used the sign of the cross 4000 years before crucifixions---which happened on stakes not crosses. Constantine ordered his kingdom to Christianity and his viziers to pick a prophet from history (300 years after Christ) and if you didn't convert from worshiping the Sun and get baptized, you were killed. Funnily enough, Constantine died un-baptized still worshiping the sun!

Cheikh Diop, the African Origins of Civilization and Stolen Legacy by James are excellent books on religion and Christianity and brown folk. I'm often amazed that people want religion or churches to so artfully include them and then run to movies like Superman Returns where there was only one Black man in a crowd scene or most of television lines ups of shows. I think that sexuality is sacred and God intended all of creation though not everything is answered
I also think the creator of the Andromeda galaxy really isn't that concerned with the morality of my crotch and yet is infinitely invested in my existence. We're beyond ants, we're microbes in the universe passing around judgment and flecks of paper that wouldn't survive a strong wind. I've found that once I understood that I can look upon something without having to be offended or in agreement with it, people and ideology alike, I started understanding and liking not only other humans better but also myself. We say we love ourselves but does that include a condom every time  Does that include telling the truth? Not sniggerring at the joke at "faggots" when surrounded by others? We want religion to be free of hypocrisy and destruction and yet we, the living religion of life, are riddled with it. Religion won't change in our view until we change how we view religion. It's guidelines, and like some kids on the short yellow bus, some humans need it everyday in every way to know what to do because it simplifies life. Or provides answers to a complicated existence. And some people don't. We should be more courageous to treat religion as an option we can engage in rather than a damnation. I often find those who condemn it the most, haven't really read it, checked out the history, looked at why it exists.

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Kyle Phoenix

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