Good Men For Men: Finding, Keeping and Being Loved By One

Everyone says they want a Good Man...and quite a few say they are Good Men. Whether you're same gender loving, bisexual, straight, homosexual, omnisexual or transsexual, this book will teach you what to measure manhood and masculinity by.

Author, TV host and teacher, Kyle Phoenix has brought together all of the information, tips, strategies, action plans and identifiers that thousands of men around the world have taken advantage of to find a Good Man.

How to identify Good Men;
How to date them---where to go, what to do, what not to do;
What Good Men are looking for
What Good Men avoid and why
Who a Good Man is willing to be in your life and not.

Real life couples who've struggled with how to maintain a relationship with the challenges of life dreams, work, school, family, finances and sex then give you a peek into their unique solutions. You'll learn how to negotiate what works for you and what doesn't and more importantly how not to break up when the going gets rough in the first few weeks or few years.

But what if you meet (or are) a Good Man on the cusp, how to enhance and improve to become a sensational, accountable and responsible Good Man. There's a detailed guide in here on not only things to work on in life but also the resources to make them happen. From work to starting a business to managing finances to understanding home buying to school navigation, proper sex safe sex techniques, including lubes and condoms, and much more.

Then as an added bonus the book also contains links to dozens of agencies around the world that will help you improve every area of your life. Also you'll have access to all of the Kyle Phoenix television shows, online video classes, blogs and Special Reports.

This one has it all!

Why do you need this book?
Because you're worth it. Your sexuality is good and natural and should be shared and loved. All you need are the skills, the tips and strategies and you're sure to discover the Good Man within yourself.

And you know what other Good Men are looking for?
You guessed it!
Good Men!

Thank you,
Kyle Phoenix
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