Thugs, Thug Life and Their Future as CEOS by Kyle Phoenix

Part of the delusion of "thuggery" and their supporters is that they can be anything because of "the realness" when in fact they haven't become anything. It takes no skill, no study, no patience, no work, no integrity, no accountability, no responsibility to be a "thug nigga". What are the requirements: Black or Latino, low education, moving/walking/acting in a certain way, bad grammar, tattoos, violent tendencies, outside the social norms that over 90% of us participate in. The rest of us keep the lights on, the trains on time, highways intact, stores full of products and employees, businesses open, cell phone companies up and running and a thug well he..........holds it down.

Exactly what is he holding down? 

When has a sitting President ever said, "I'm not sure how to handle a crisis of disaster level proportions in Oklahoma or the Middle East or terrorists, let me ask the Thug Coalition."

What a thug really represents is deep remnants of slavery, when expectations of men of color were so lowered that if he did any small thing, he was glorified for little and next to nothing.  Because all the glory was the fact that he was standing there....and could fuck.  The most basic of human body-ness. What they represent is the failure of the educational system and the prison pipeline where not only can't Leroy read, no one wants to try and help him, he's then labelled a "thug gonnabe" by the 3rd grade and he gets to slide into the Achievement Gap and the separate Special Ed. classroom (gray walls, tight desks, non-caring teachers) so that by the time he's a teenager and acting out we have his cell, which the industry makes $50,000 a year off of, ready, willing and able to accommodate him in.

Now that thug who's done a "lil' something illegal" he's subsidizing over $1 million dollars in revenue from the salaries of all the people who need him to be nothing but a thug so they can arrest him (cops), prosecute him, hold him (bailiffs), process him (clerks, adjudicate him (judges), hold him some more (bailiffs and correction officers), jail house him (construction team that built and maintains the prison) and eventually the Warden. Each thug is worth 1 million on the open USA market so that's why there's such an investment in Black and Latino men identifying as thugs---you get say 5 million of them to believe that they are anything but a neo-slave, that's billions of dollars in instant, replenish-able revenue---making money faster than cotton fields. Oh, yeah then while we got a good thug in prison we make him work for some of the largest companies in the country, earning 12 cents an hour. ( TWELVE CENTS AND HOUR.  No, you really have to think about that in a 40 hour week, building circuit boards, making customer service calls, acting as a catalog phone rep where in the real world at a not so great job it's at least $10 an hour.)

Yeah, thug life got that future going---well on his way to CEO of a Fortune 500 company with his deep understanding of market rates, corporate culture, sales force managing, shareholder stock price distribution and dividends----oh, wait he dropped out of high school to maintain thugness---he's got Tupac's lyrics memorized but the multiplication table is still a mystery.....well, then everyone knows that when we open up Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine it's lined page to page with thugs. 

Let us also not forget that thug perception has caused a lot of grief when people can't see past that perception---Trayvon, Sean Bell, yeah, keeping it real has no ramifications for the rest of us just walking along, eating some Skittles, out at a party.......
The Nation sees no problem with their being thugs because it keeps a social group from ever demanding more, keeps billions churning through the criminal justice system and incidentally also keeps billions in the education system as lots of WHite folk get to be teachers starting at $40k a year to administer "meh" level educations to children of color.  That might seem like a crime until you look at it from someone who gets to use that ever increasing 40K to buy a car, a house, etc. as long as they aren't tasked, financially, like most businesses with the outcome of their product.  A large percentage of teachers are skating through in lifelong jobs because we think that failure IS an option....cause we got that prison system lined up so the really mad thugs don't end up in your neighborhood too often.  I'm not even going to get into how this inherent contradiction of thug good, nigga good, thug bad, nigga bad is messing up the perceptual reality of White women who just want to make a good cinnabun and dont' know what's right to say, what's wrong, what's good, what's bad because them niggas got it going on, right, ma nigga? know what i mean, ma nigga? feel me, ma nigga?........but I digress,

The worse part is not when you tell others the lie, because they can see you're crazy. It's when you tell it to yourself or to a man just so he'll get naked with you....and give you that good Mandingo slave time lovin'.....cause that's what he's good for, right?  Stud service.  Keepin' it real.  My nigga.

Thank you,
Kyle Phoenix
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