Gay Is The New Black If You're White Kyle Phoenix

Gay being the new Black is because White people have never been niggers.  The closest they have to relate is Germany/Jews and Italians, Polish, Irish in America (but then they got to default to White).  Suddenly though when White men came out as gay they were discriminated against by something they were intrinsically---not an ethnicity or religion that you could lie about but by something they can't shed.  To shed it would be to contradict their internalized sense of privilege and entitlement that says "I am a White man therefore I am ok."

Everything within Western civilization authenticates, supports and adheres to that precept.  But when one is "gay"---a White construct, which is why so many Whites adhere to it and it is discriminated against---White, privilege human beings look around to try and compare and figure out what this is and they realize---"Holy shit!  They've made me into a social nigger."  Where one can live, love, breathe, have children, work, control money, health care---holy shit a White man can be transformed into a nigger with just the admittance of who he is and he can never shed that lack of anonymity.  The only thing to do is to guilt White people back at the same time that one seeks allies (other niggerized folk.)

Now White people turn to each other---and the most vicious thing you can say to a White person is that they're a racist (unless they enjoy and extol being one) they will rebel against that because people of color mean racist by action, White people see racism as character.  So they can't be racist,right?  And if I want to convince people to side with me I press their deepest, most obvious Western civilization button---race.

One, you're treating me like a nigger---and our whole reality is predicated on White people not being ever treated like niggers.  And two, if you treat me like a nigger then you're racist....and White people will pass laws, build walls, shoot on sight but never admit to racism.

So gay is the new Black to convince White people to convince themselves that being a nigger, unless you are a nigger, is wrong.  Because then the obvious question would be, if you're so concerned with mis-perceptive discrimination based on sexuality, where was your anti-nigger protesting and legislating for Black and Latino issues yesterday and how come you're not at the rallies for Black and Latino issues, with your fine gay self, today?

Thank you,
Kyle Phoenix
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