Are You an Alpha or a Beta Man?: The Alpha/Beta Mating Style Test

The Alpha/Beta Mating Style.

 The ABMS test results in an Alpha /Beta score that falls between 0 and 100 points. Scoring is simple. Each question is a true or false question, with the total number of true answers indicating your overall Alpha/Beta  score. Follow the scoring guidelines at the end of your test for a complete ABMS score. 
Simply mark an (X)  next to each true statement that is true about you.

                                                            Part One: Physical.

1, In general, others would describe my face as more rugged as gentle.

2, I stand 6 feet or taller.

3, I have a heavier beard, and tend to have a strong five O'clock shadow.

4, I have a cleft in my chin.

5, I have a square jaw.

6, My face shape is square.

7, My pointer finger is shorter then my ring finger.

8, My penis is six inches or less when Its erect.

9, My shoulders are significantly wider then my hips.

10, My waist is the same width or wider then my hips.

11, My body is more stocky then willowy.

12, I tend to turn down the heat, preferring a cooler living environment.

13, I have a high forehead, or I am  naturally bald or balding.

14, My hair is on the crest of my head grows in a counter-clockwise direction.

15, I have a strong bony ridge over my eyes.

16, I prefer to wear my hair short, off my ears, and off my face.

17,  when standing naturally, my shoulders are squared, not sloping.

18, Looking at my head and neck profile, there is more of a right angle then a diagonal line between my chin and Adams apple.

19, When I was a young boy, my body was markedly more muscular then soft or thin.

20, People would describe the way I move, when walking, talking or dancing, as a highly masculine.

21, I have not had an eating disorder. 

22, I am rarely surprised by how feminine I appear in candid photographs.

23, when being photographed, I rarely find that I have blinked at the wrong time.

24, I am generally happy with my body's appearance.

25, When I hear my voice on a recording I hear a  deep masculine voice.


PART TWO: Sexuality

26, I Prefer to be the insertive partner (top) to being the receptive partner (bottom) when having anal sex.

27, I prefer to be the receptive partner (getting) as opposed to being the active partner (giving) when having Oral sex.

28, I went through puberty about the same time as, or later than,  my same-gendered peers.

29, I came out later than most gay men I know, or I have not come out yet.

30, When I tell others, most people are surprised to discover I prefer men to women.

31, If I could choose, I would tend to have  sex with  men who have smooth, youthful faces,  instead of rugged, masculine faces.

32, In my lifetime, I tended to have sex with people who are smaller in overall size then I am.

33, Most sex partners have been my height or shorter.

34, I tend to prefer sex partners who are younger than I am.

35, I prefer a partner who deodorizes their genitalia and armpits, at least with soap, as opposed to allowing a natural scent.

36, It is important to me that my sex partners be slim or average weight.

37,  When snuggling with a partner, my partner has tended to rest their head on my chest rather than vise versa.

38. Though I like being asked for sex, I don't have a fear of asking for it either.

39. I prefer the feeling of “enveloping” my partner, wrapping my body around theirs in an affectionate manner.
40, My first experience of insertive sex (vaginal- anal) was with a woman.

41, I am currently married to, or have been married to or engaged to a woman.

42,  My partner tends to orgasm before me.

43, I would say I prefer sex partners who have less body hair than I do.

44, I prefer to age gracefully, instead of fighting aging with hair dye, makeup  or surgery.

45, I tend to not wear cologne, preferring to have a soap scent.

46, I wear very little jewelry.

47, If I do agree to be the receptive anal sex partner (bottom), it is a more physical experience than an emotional experience

48, I find the idea of my swallowing semen to be unattractive, but I’m fine with my partner doing it.

49, I find it difficult to identify other gay men in public.

50, I think sex outside my partnership is more an emotional involvement than a simple sexual experience



51, I tend to be pretty good at higher math, such as algebra calculus, and trigonometry.

52, I am good at chess.

53, As a child, I preferred to do something active like running, as opposed to sitting quietly and reading.

54, instead og giving landmarks references, I tend to give  literal, specific directions, as to go two blocks, then follow elm street for one mile.

55, When clasping my hands together, my right thumb rests naturally on top.

56, If I misplace my object, such as keys, I usually cannot locate them simply by thinking about it. I have to physically go look for them.

57, When parallel parking, I tend to check behind  me by looking over my shoulder and putting  my arm on the back of a car seat instead of only using the mirrors.

58, I can easily hit a baseball with a bat when pitched to me.

59, I probably could not come up with over fifteen words that mean “green” in less than thirty seconds.

60, I am surprised sometimes to find out my partner is angry with me for no reason.

61, I have a sensing someone's emotional state by simply looking at their face.

62, I can separate business decisions from emotional decisions, such as having to fire someone.

63, When picking up a baby, I naturally use my dominate arm to hold them.

64, I'd rather be financially responsible for my family then be emotionally responsible.

65, I am very good at reading a map and I am hesitant to ask for help for directions from others.

66, As a young student, I would naturally carry my books against my hips, instead  of across my chest, with out  thinking about it.

67, When I was young, and would cross my legs, I would rest my ankle on my knee naturally  with out thinking about it.  

68, When standing still, I naturally stand evenly on both feet, instead  of resting predominately on one hip and leg. 

69, I enjoy playing and /or watching one or more of these aggressive team sports: football, rugby or hokey.

70, I can explain the basic concepts of the combustion engine.

71, Chemistry, physics, and biology were my favorite classes in high school.

72, When hearing fairy tales as a child imagine myself as the “Prince”  in the story who saved the princess.

73, I tend to enjoy “Action” movies.

74, I can easily imagine myself sleeping through the night in a house with a crying baby.

75, I have little interest I “pop culture” or keeping up with “what's hot.”


                                                PART FOUR: PERSONALI TY

76,  I generally find societal rules to be more valuable than burdensome because they help us avoid anarchy.

77, When I was in middle and high school, playing team sports was fun.

78, When I go to a work lace party where spouses are invited, I tend to hang out with men supposed to women.

79, I  usually do not have a pet name for my partner

80, I rarely use baby talk when talking to children, animals, or people I love.

81, I rarely notice people whispering in movie theaters.

82, I'd rather lead by direction than by consensus.

83, I feel that showing a personal weakness makes me vulnerable  to be taken advantage of.

84, I pride myself on leadership skills.

85, It would be uncomfortable to be dependent on someone else for my financial well-being.

86, If there were two drivers, I prefer to be the one who drives.

87, I have never really had any interest in dressing like a woman, ever for fun.

88, As a child I tend to have more boys as friends than girls.

89, I tend to prefer to have jobs in which I carry responsibility, such as a doctor, lawyer or a corporate President over a job where I assist some one who holds authority, such as Personal assistant, counselor, or advisor.

90, I am more logical than emotional.

91, I would describe myself as aggressive.

92, In general, I did not play with “girl toys” when I was a child.

93, I was never told I “acted like a girl”  when I was young.

94, I could easily go to sleep, even if my partner and I had not resolved a fight we were having.

95, When arguing, I tend to grow quiet when emotions grow hot.

96, I'd rather be alone than try to resolve an unhappy relationship.

97, I have been so mad that I gotten physically violent toward another person.

98, I tend to see my position as being right.

99, I am comfortable directing others to do what I think is best.

100,Others would describe me as classically masculine.

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