SCANDAL-ous Question# 2-Too Much Sex? by Kyle Phoenix

Your partner admits that technically he's a sex addict. He needs to have sex four times a day and he goes to meetings. He needs you to be primed and ready four times a day, doubling up if you miss a day for travel or illness. He means your lunch hours are spent with him at a motel----every day. Before work. Soon as you get home and before you go to sleep. Every day. That's his only request---to pleasure you But if a time is missed and not made up for.........he needs it 28 times a week. He counts has a calender and schedule. 112 times a month. You down or do you open your relationship? It's okay if sometimes you're only half awake. He needs it 1400 times a year. Is he just using your body? Is it really love? Are you feeding an addict? Can you handle that much?

Kyle Phoenix
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