Son Of A Gun (Remix)-Janet Jackson featuring Missy Elliott & P. Diddy on The Kyle Phoenix Blog

Janet Jackson...I mean come on.  Anyone who knows me and knows that I have been an admirer of her work since day one (once running in a torrential rain storm to a record store for a copy of Rhythm Nation when it first came out).  Of course that she would be a featured artist on this blog.  And that's what I'm going to do,,..share some of the visual/video/media art that I like, respect, enjoy with you.

Now, Son of a Gun, featuring Carly Simon and Missy Elliot (yes, I have all of the remixes, even the one with P. Diddy) should've been a bigger hit than it was.  It wasn't the first single released from the album.  But this here...this is the work.  Now the video, the video does something unique.  It pays homage to the Orishas, Yoruban intermediaries in the spiritual world in a fantastical way.  It re-imagines how one would employ, entreat and have them assist in revenge against a smug 
son of a gun.


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