Nothing Really Matters on The Kyle Phoenix Blog

Butoh, the dance form, you'll see in this video is fascinating.  Jerky, provocative, evocative, sharp, alabaster, striking.  Married to the surrealistic imagery of the geisha, the concubine, the dojo is startling and amazing.  I actually have the Vogue magazine of Madonna from this period of her Asiatic/Japanese geisha period.  It's beautiful, hyper transformation.

Now to the song.  I've done a whole episode of The Kyle Phoenix Show on this song because it's simply a hip, pop tune, it's also poetry and at the same time a sutra.  Madonna's original intention was for it to be a sort of love letter to her daughter, to the transformative power of having a child in one's life and yet, for me at least, it's taken on an almost spiritual meaning and power.  I rock out to it and remind myself that....nothing really matters, love is all we need.


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