Eli Pope (Scandal) Monologue on The Kyle Phoenix Blog

Ok, Joe Morton is an amazing actor.  Absolute credit and accolades due for his role on scandal as Eli Pope, mastermind, father, intelligence chief.  But his monologue, his character is a black site prison, about to be tortured---and here comes the President to mock him is IT.  The epitome of true power as a character, a Black man on TV, unafraid of the President of the United States....because teh work he does is above the President's pay grade!  Even the mocking of having slept with his daughter is turned around in Pope's deft hands and turned into a weapon.  Let us not forget the master stroke usage of Summertime lyrics and Cicero's work about Nero.  With a complete self-allusion to the South, their situation, the lyrics of Summertime and looping back again to Nero!
Masterful as fiction and in acting.


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