How to Grow a Blog Into a Successful Online Business | Natalie MacNeil with Kelsey Humphreys on The Kyle Phoenix Blog

Published on Nov 8, 2016
If you ever wanted to peek inside an online entrepreneurs operation and see a practical breakdown of the tactics that got them there - you will LOVE this episode!

0:43 Kelsey introduces Natalie MacNeil
1:40 Natalie explains how she was always the kid with the lemonade stand
3:30 How did Natalie have the courage to become an entrepreneur immediately after school?
5:04 Kelsey asks Natalie to explain some of her first businesses
7:50 Natalie explains how she was able to grow momentum for her blog while running a separate full-time business
9:20 How long did it take Natalie to turn her part-time blog into a full-time business?
9:57 Why did Natalie decide to raise a round of funding?
12:06 Kelsey asks Natalie what she did to get noticed by Forbes
13:40 Natalie gives advice for people who want to get a book deal
16:20 What are some health habits Natalie does to stay energized for her busy schedule?
18:59 Natalie teaches us her batching ways
22:52 Natalie explains why entrepreneurs need to let go of perfection
24:12 What are some of Natalie’s bigger picture goals?
26:26 Kelsey asks Natalie for insights on building and growing a team
28:29 What is are the five milestones of writing a book?
33:42 Natalie explains why it’s important to be detailed in your planning
35:15 What is the best and worst part of Natalie’s entrepreneurial journey?
40:11 What is Natalie’s number one piece of advice for aspiring authors, speakers and entrepreneurs who want to build an online platform?
41:42 Natalie explains why it’s important to have mentors
43:47 Kelsey’s Keys to Success
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