Kyle Phoenix Answers: If I found a cash pallet ($24 million) hidden by drug dealers, how can I use it without getting caught? Assuming the individuals involved in the illegal dealings are dead, how can I turn this money into legitimate funds without raising a red flag?

Joe Morton Says Some Eerily Accurate Things About White People That Is True

Dropping truth on Dinner In America, Joe Morton says some eerily chilling things about the nature of white people and describes them as being the virus of the world.
Joe Morton Says Some Eerily Accurate Things About White People That Is True
Dropping truth on Dinner In America, Joe Morton says some eerily chilling things about the nature of white people and describes them as being the virus of the world. Much truth is often stated in satire and what he said made my hairs on my arm stand up. First time in my life I have ever white people described so accurately on mainstream television.

Queen Nzinga – Nubian Warrior Queen’s Fight Against Slavery

Queen Nzinga was a fearless warrior and rebel of Angola and Matamba who fought against the whites enslaving her people. She fought until her death and she is a great symbol of the passion of our people and how Africans fought against slavery.
Queen Nzinga – Nubian Warrior Queen’s Fight Against Slavery
The European slave trade in Africa, begun in the early 1500’s. African leaders became alarmed at the number of African seized by European slave traders. Queen Nzinga was the ruler of kingdom Ndongo in Angola. She was one of the many African rulers who fiercely resisted which was mainly due to reports of the terrible conditions in which the slaves were shipped to Africa. This period marked the emergence of a new type of slavery in which Africans were clueless about. Still, the strong states managed to prosper. Among them were the growing Yoruba empire of Oyo in Nigeria. This is where the Dutch began settlement at the southern tip of Africa which was growing rapidly.
Queen Nzinga Nubian Warrior
In 1623, the king of the Ndongo kingdom in Angola died and the following year his sister, Nzinga became queen. She resisted the slave trade with all her power. This caused war with the Portuguese because she refused to supply as many slaves that they desired to ship to other colonies of Brazil. She managed to make alliances with neighboring states in Africa that were also trying to resist the slave. But the Portuguese managed to force her out of Ndongo. Once they accomplished that, she took over the neighboring kingdom of Matamba and fought on.
During her resistance, Nzinga even tried to reason with the Portuguese monsters and during her plea they decided that even though she was a queen, she wasn’t fit to sit in a chair. One of her attendants noticed this firm level of disrespect and bent down so she could use him as her seat. The Portuguese were mad with taking African slaves and many African kingdoms all over Africa were raided for slaves.

Queen Nzinga fought for her people and like many other African nations, she lost the fight against slavery, but her efforts and loyalty to her people must be remembered and live on. It must be known that Africa didn’t willingly give away slaves to endure the pathetic and terrible circumstances of slavery. But most African nations opposed it in every way and have even died to prevent slavery.
Queen Nzinga who fought for her people and died in 1663, Matamba was still an independent nation.

Kyle Phoenix Answers: How do you explain why the admiration of divas is common among gay males?

Divas tend to be popular, centers of attention, witty, appreciated AND the focus of sexual attention from men.
Most MSM move through life with a choice---come out or not, be out or not. Not being out gives a balancing act of identity power and weakness. One gets to affinity with manhood, with masculine power and be a Man. Or one can be out and get demoted from Man to Male (cocksucker, fucked in the butt) a state of non-Manhood, legally, morally and socially lacking in trust, fidelity, strength and even lesser patriarchal power. Depending on the situation, nearly as bad as being a .....woman, female.
But the Diva is a Woman. A female who has transcended her original oppressive state and commands attention and most important in a patriarchal society, the desirous attention of Men.
See, gay, bi, etc males while available to other males are not guaranteed males. Patriarchy in its arrogant blindness, half assures, creates the delusion within men that all women are available, rejectable or out of bounds to his penis (elderly women and children under 12). Note the option to reject lies in the delusional perspective of the man.
Now imagine you're raised in patriarchy as a male and therefore either closeted to maintain manhood social power or out and demoted but still above women. But the delusional bubble gets rudely popped. Most men do not view you with the sexual interest you want them too. How to access attention from that which you desire, where at least 80% reject you?
But as the Other.
The Diva is also the Other because she is a different kind of woman.
Other aligns to Other in fantasy and devotion. Some of it is ..."if only I could be that kind of Other....I'd regain lost social power.".
Some of it is "if I was that then men would/could openly want me."
Some of it is appreciation of talent, spectacle and fantasy.
Some of it is envy.
People rarely think about, by people I mean hetero men (patriarchial delusional) and women (beleaguered by men constantly hitting on them since they were children) , what it must be like to be most women's eunuch neuter safe space and disregarded as less than by other men, who you paradoxically find superficially attractive.
You're left feeling like you're shopping in the remainder bin of Maybe, Kinda, Sorta males who might be closeted enough to be accessors of Manhood Masculine Man-ness.
Ironically, its like the desire for Masculine Men is countered by the Hyper Feminine in the Diva.
Yeah, western ontology and axiology fucks up sexuality internally and from social projection.

Smile, Kyle

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