My Art and Success, Part 2: Money, Business and People by Kyle Phoenix

I've written here about my entrepreneurial work over the past 25 years since I was 7 (and gotten lots of fun, insightful, helpful, questioning and complimentary emails about it!  Thank you) and more requests to expand on what I've learned and hope to accomplish.  I'm loathe to do a complete business breakdown because the numbers aren't where I want them to be, but I am supported by the fact that there's a line you cross as a Creator where you're never quite satisfied with just the number anymore, it's just a number, a way of keeping score.  To that end today's total holdings for me, as an exercise, Kyle Phoenix total $265,000,000 roughly, give or take some interest and shifting securities.....on the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Following Robert Kiyosaki's advice to play at the game of money and change my emotional connection to it I joined, about 14 years ago probably sitting at a temp job.  The premise is simple---movies, actors, actresses, awards, music and musicians, television series, etc. are all converted into securities like stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.  They're assigned a price and you start trading away.  You're fronted $2 million to enter the game and you can do what you want with it, spend it as you like.  Yes, there are billionaires in the HSX Universe, even some having sold their passwords on Ebay to relinquish their accounts.

Occasionally I boot up SimCity on my computer and for one madcap week I go development crazy.  Even more occasionally I'll wander into a video arcade or stop by a machine at a movie theater and play.  I've considered getting an XBox or a PS3 but it's just a lot to sort out, you know?  Besides the kinds of games I like, chess and such mainly focus around business, not killing or simulating killing, and strategy.

I don't consistently focus on HSX, sometimes disappearing from regular check ins and action for months at a time.  But when I do, I can invariably turn it to profit pretty fast, huge profits in a short span of time and huge profits if I really focus.  This begs the next logical question: have I learned anything for the romp into trading securities and have I applied it into the "real world"---yes and yes.  And the million dollar question---have I made any money with said learning and application, a resounding yes!  I even use it in adult education classes as an intensive teaching tool around math skills and understanding money.

The beauty of this is between this game and my own financial education pursuits, I've learned a ton about money and business management and expanded concerns in the financial universe.  Sometimes I listen to friends and family talk about issues---financial crisis's---from a place of unknowing and I realize how out of touch we are in many ways with the fabric of how society has been designed.  Or God forbid I try to have a Facebook discussion and use some terms like fiat currency---it has gotten near apocalyptic with some of the responses because, and I think I hate this as a teacher, it goes above people's heads.  Part of my vision of freeing my people is that so much shouldn't go above our heads, so much shouldn't be re-posited in so few that the mass of people of color are not benefiting.

Slowly, like a patient tortoise I've been designing my "real world" business, figuring out what could be revenue bearing, working to create quality work that could make a little scratch in the marketplace.  More importantly finding the niches where I could learn and direct my abilities.  I've gotten better at choosing my company---joining networking groups, meeting people and friends in a wide variety of business endeavors through school.  School is a hotbed of entrepreneurial push---even if it's not quite termed that way in most people's thinking but maybe it's the mindset, to be able to think and explore that is the push and that pushing gears people to be more entrepreneurial.  Don't get me wrong I don't think college is the only space for such a push because I started out doing things on the side almost 15 years before I became a college student.  But I think college does set you up for the Big Money.

At first Kiyosaki's written assertions and suggestion that the poor were far more greedy than the rich bristled because I want to champion social justice emotionally.  But then when I looked at it emotionally and spent some time listening to people around me---I realized how obsessed with getting and consuming poor people were.  I think that capitalism suggests three states of being---Product, Consumer and Creator/Owner---but because it is a morally neutral system it doesn't educate those who don't seek education.  But it still allows their participation or more normally, exploitation.  I find that I understand a great many things that I don't agree with however I generally diverge that I don't believe in screaming that its wrong without concerted effort to change it or introspection as to my own complicity to it.

I'm getting to the point, I always knew that I would, where I have to consider how to implement my social consciousness about society into my business practices.  I have to consider who makes my products, who I do business with, where and whom I accept money from.  And the point of business is of course, profit so you're always weighing what to do and what not to do---what the line is.

Because as the Hollywood Stock Exchange examples, I'm practicing and thinking and operating my conscious for terms of big money---because even if my businesses attain just a tenth of what I've been able to do in fantasy....well, I'll be ok, right?

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