Politics: Election 2012: The Chasm of Poverty vs. Possibility vs. Probability, Part 1

My concern is that both Democrat and Republican sides might have good solutions if they were combined and worked on as a team. The seemingly new natural of opposition governing where one side is willing to derailing and devalue the other leaves the American people stuck in the middle of what feels like the longest divorce in history. However at the same time 15% of the country is in poverty, 40-50 million, with that number expected to become 69 million by 2020. Of the 140 million working adults only 25% are college educated, 105 million have a high school degree or less—making us less and less global, not simply, competitive but innovative around the world.

I’m highly educated have had entrepreneurial businesses since I was 7 years old thanks to my parents so I’ve done everything from sell comic books in the lunch room at school to start a national business when I was 14—that level of financial education coupled with advanced degrees will serve me well to stay on the side of the chasm of thriving vs. base survival but I, a teacher on the university, and strategic developmental level for public schools, worry about those who can’t get ahead now.

As of 2014, the educational minimum for living wage jobs in the US will be an associates degree. However we’re nowhere near meeting that expectation and then what?

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