VideoLOG: Sex Tips: Get And Give Amazing Oral Sex

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Kyle Phoenix
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  1. I will commend you for taking time to educate folks on the SAFER ideas and practices of ORAL COPULATION.....Most of the information you've given I have been teaching as well as a former HIV Risk Assessment Counselor...

    now, having been out the game for a moment or two, I see there is NEW INFORMATION given that has blown my wig back and that is the SWALLOWING of "the ejaculate"...or CUM..... I"m SHOCKED that no one has commented on that, but then again, MANY of our bruthas, sistahs, and SIZTAHS make this a part of their daily sexual practices and I'm almost willing to put a wager on it that they applauded that piece of information.

    Again, THANK YOU for sharing valuable information.....