Short Story from Escapades: The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower
by Kyle Phoenix

Annie was a good girl.
Annie snuck into her mother's room and stole ten dollars.
Annie took a pencil from the teacher's pocketbook during recess.
Annie took a young man's heart in Rome and gave it a giggle.
Annie strangled the life out of a when she was 10.
Annie shot a gun when she was 14.
Annie considered suicide when she was 5.
Annie started taking little yellow pills when she was 9.
Annie loved.
Annie would laugh when her boyfriend dropped his trousers.
Annie smelled like lilacs and onions.
Annie bit clean through her lip when she stole someone's son.
Annie stole a Spaniard's virginity when she was 17.
Annie stole the class flag and burned it after school.
Annie stole a look at her baby before she sold it.
Annie colored her hair red when she worked the night shift.
Annie licked with a goose bumped tongue and sucked with a sigh.
Annie took a bath in her clothes.
Annie never wore knickers.
Annie watched it from her window across the street.
Annie decided to steal the Eiffel Tower.
Annie took a bubble bath with pants on.
Annie stole the Eiffel Tower from Hallmark at the age of 37 in regret of her life's unknown possibilities.
Annie cried herself to sleep every night.
Annie wanted to go.
Annie died two days ago.
Annie asked her husband why his organ was so small.
Annie regretted every moment of her life.
Annie debated killing herself then decided to wait until her mother died.
Annie sat in the middle of Batavia, children at her heels, husband around her finger, Eiffel Tower in her pocket, dog the backseat, sex in the past tense, debt swimming onto her shore, breasts having grown and dipped before her eyes, trees lines around her legs and stomach, pity in everyman's eye, and she knew. 
She knew. 
She would never go to the Eiffel Tower with fresh love in her heart and hair that flowed freely.
And that's what killed Annie.

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