Kyle Phoenix Answers: If life is a dream and you realize it, would you end it?

My "sleeping" dreams are of three variety ----mishmash emotional fragments and images that I can identify as a mishmash; spiritual contact dreams mainly with the dead and a Pisces cousin who I think is very psychic, hence his personal insanity and then sometimes his daughter (whom I've never physically met)...I think his intrusion is guilt and attraction driven and the wrestling with his sexuality....typical Pisces; the third are dreams of the future and piggyback dreams where you're like on the shoulder of another person but if you "push" exert or weight your own identity to much. Once a group of Asian people came up to me and asked me directions and I answered them back in perfect Japanese. The idea struck me that I was speaking it and then I took stock of myself and realized I was a 15 year old Japanese girl. As soon as I did that the connection broke.

I've dreamt of myself three times in the future, twice as an old man---NYC looks slightly different, more lights and a third time as a descendant, great grand child, in the year 2212. If you don't push too hard its like you can direct their attention slightly. I was able to get him to look at a video-magazine for the date. A disaster happens and I think that witnessing it makes the link momentarily because a similar disaster occurs around me as an ok man that I see, I think I resonates through my line. My great grand child , I got him to look in a mirror and he looked like me slightly or like my looks passed down and mixed.

The future dreams are always come to pass and in lucid dreams I fly and manipulate time and matter, especially once I realize its game time. There are moments now "awake" when I think something, want for something, "push" unconscious to outcome or sort of in a peripheral way and things happen, come to pass. I believe this reality is a form or level or reality, when I've dreamt of the dead they're"somewhere" else but not gone gone.

Thank you,

Kyle Phoenix

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