Kyle Phoenix Answers: Why are some people able to make romantic connections easily while others struggle to do so?

I just read an article the other day that said spiritually if you're an old soul, your primary purpose is your work-destiny, and deep love can be focused on after that work completion. 

I know my work is like Voltaire's daemon and I have found like a lover it demands more of my attention and energy than I'm willing to transfer to lovers. When I've tried I've found myself minimizing myself, my gifts so as not to threaten or appease their lack of talents. 

I've learned to feed this daemon for awhile, smile, be sexy and enjoy short term affairs that demand less energy for awhile.  A good prescription might be to figure out what you want to be/do outside of a romantic relationship and pour your attention and energy into that.  I think of it like sending electricity into a light bulb...and that bright light attracting people.

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