Book Review: Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle by Kyle Phoenix

 I enjoy Stuart Wilde's work because it's fresh, relevant, direct and helpful.  He speaks in no nonsense clear language about the practical application of spirituality to one's life.  Though at some points it can get very esoteric, it still has a heavy value to managing day to day.  In this little tome, I carry mine around in my pocket or my bag---it's about the size of a wallet, Wilde looks at our normal projections onto the experience of life.  About stress and what it really is and what it really isn't.  I knew that life was a contradiction and that all of our stress and pain comes from lack of acceptance of that constant contradiction but it's presented so elegantly here that you'll find yourself overwhelmed by the simplicity.

Check this little book out, carry it with you as a little mental vitamin to pop while standing on line at the bank, the post office, in traffic, on the train.  It's worth it to have in your travels and more importantly, it's worth it to have in your spiritual management.

Thank you for reading,
Kyle Phoenix
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