Poetry: Cats & Dogs by Kyle Phoenix

Cats & Dogs

White people are cats
Self-involved, nubbing, snobbish, condescendingly observant
They creep along with their suspicious stealth, only surpassed by their haughtily manipulative, directed, self-indulgent pleasures derived from their arrogant allowances to their xenophobically viewed subservient bipedal aides.
Stroke, rub, nuzzle, notice, be alert to me.
Feed me!  
Wet, dry, crunchy, fishy, gourmet, 
Desired, prepared, reserved delights to only me.
When I move, pay attention to me.
Clean the shit boxes created by me.
And now, my pet? they say with a beckoning bemused glare.  Get the fuck away from me.

Black folks are dogs.
"Wha's up, dawg?"
"Ms. Lady, you ain't nothing but a nasty bitch."
"Come on, baby, ride it like a greyhound!"
"Look at him, looking all mangy!"
"Fat as a puppy."
"That ol' dog ain't nothing but trouble."
They make too much noise, piss when the mood strikes, fuck each other with a casual walk, bark and snarl with a cutting eye at anyone, anytime, anywhere over anything.
Feed me!  Feed me.  Feed me?  Feed me.
Feed me....  Feed me.  Feed me!?  Feed me!
They light up and wag their booties when happy.
They'll run into a burning house not once but twice.
They like sucking the meat off to the bone.
They like a good bone.
"Yeah, I'm here."
"Hey, how's it going?"
"Wha's that in your crotch?"
"C'mere lemme give you some sugah."

"I'mma take a nap."

Malcolm put his cock on the pale butcher's block.
And when the axe came cutting down,
His cock got harder.
His cock was free of shrivelable balls.
His cock had long been full
First, of hot pepper piss
for the bland white cracker buffet
Then, from seeds that looked white as they gushed through into the night,
came flowers eagerly awaiting bloom
Sticky, inherently insolent, little X's and Y's all over the world.

By Kyle Phoenix, copyright 2006, all rights reserved

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Kyle Phoenix
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