1 Minute Tip: What's Your Drink? by Kyle Phoenix

Find your Drink
I didn't drink liquor until I was 25.  Never really had a huge desire for it and my family is ripe with bad drinking issues so I took my time and really learned how to manage alcohol.  When I got back from undergraduate college I started going out with friends and co-workers and I didn't have a drink.  I tried Long Island Iced Teas, Cosmopolitans, Electric Lemonades (which I promptly threw up in a movie theater in Forest Hills), Tequila Sunrises, straight Rum, Hennessy, Courvoisier  and finally I saw a Manhattan in a movie and settled on that or a Bacardi 151 and coke.  You have to test a few to see if you like sharp tastes, sweet tastes, no tastes, beers,wines, etc..  Take your time and experiment.

Know Your Limit
Once I settled on a drink a coworker said we had to find my limit.  He was right and we discovered that upon Manhattan number 13, reality and I parted ways.  I generally don't go beyond 3 now of any drink.  One time at dinner at the Four Seasons I had a Gibson Martini.  It was the most amazing singular drink I've ever had.  They were nice enough to top off dinner with a bottle of champagne so I was really happy.  (Etiquette Rule: I sent a thank you note to the Captain and to his boss for such amazing service and I have a standing reservation for the same table that Martha Stewart uses there!  I saw Ted Kennedy there before he died---amazingly enough I recognized his wife before I did him, he'd lost a lot of weight.)

Drinking Company
Never ever ever drink with coworkers --I never have and I never will.  I occasionally go to parties with friends or night clubs and that's when I partake.  And I stick to my limit and I've always gotten home safely, never lost money or a wallet or a phone.  What do you drink when out with coworkers?  Get a ginger ale and ask for a stick of fruit in it and a straw---alcoholic drinks tend to have red straws in them so no one will know.  Or you can get some kind of juice and throw in a straw.  Remember even if it's a sip, we all change with alcohol and even if it's a sip, someone will blame alcohol on your actions if you're drinking.

Alcohol can be fun and you can have fun with it but you have to responsible, know your limits and simply be conscious of the company you drink with.

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