Fast Writing for Quick Profits Stuart Wilde

Fast Writing for Quick Profits
{Tips from a rocket-speed professional writer on how to write quickly, and be precise and flee with the pay check; on-the-hurry-up, short-sharp, right now, pronto!}
I've written twenty books on spirituality and self-help. My first title was published in 1983. It was a short booklet called Miracles. It sold well over one million copies. Nice.
I write very fast. I normally can write a book of 220-250 pages in ninety hours of fast-writing. That is, working twenty-three hours a day for just under four days. I love writing but it's painful. You have to bare your soul and dig deep inside yourself the faster one gets the job done the better.
Ka-chink! Cash register!

Fast Precise Writing:
Removed the Logs
The human eye travels through the centre of words on a page. Speed readers run their eyes along the blank channel between the rows but most people don't read like that. Normally every word is an impediment to the reader's forward progress, so when writing, consider words as "logs on the path" that the reader has to cross over. The fewer words the better. Be brutal. Cut words out, never use ten words when you can get away with five.

Use This Layout
1)Be precise and clear about what you want to say, don't waffle with a silly introductions just say what you want to say, "French girls are more elegant that Greek girls."
2)Next answer the reader's objections.
3)Then restate your point with some additional information or with a short anecdotal piece that illustrates what you are saying. Remember you don't want to get hung up on whether or not the reader agrees you just want to state the point.
4)Then tumble out quickly by restating the main idea offering a strong reason why you believe it. "French girls are more elegant that Greek girls because Paris is the world centre for fashion and haut couture and the French girls are greatly influenced by that".

Be Precise
Learn to be precise most writers are very self-indulgent. Write for the readers not yourself or your pride.
Do this: write a piece that is 120 words long that includes the words dog, a deep well, and the New York Times be sure it is not one word shorter or longer than 120 and that it is entertaining, interesting and/or funny. Make up short tests like this one so you learn how to get to the point.

Organized Talking
Unless you write scientific or complicated mathematical manuals writing is only organised talking. Remember that, so get organized. Make writing a disciple write at the same time every day; never mind if you want to write or not that is irrelevant, just write.

Never Repeat Anything
The reader can always go back and re-read what you said if they want so never repeat yourself.

Going Backwards in Time
The entire book or piece you want to write is already written in your Higher Mind, and then it filters through to your waking consciousness as an idea. The finished piece exists in your soul!
If you quieten your mind you can hear the manuscript almost word-for-word in your head. You just type what you hear. Lay it down fast you can always fix it up a bit later.
That is how I write a book in ninety hours. (I get $50k up-front! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy).
I also wrote the libretto and lyrics for a modern opera called Heartland using the same method. I can't play a note. I'm tone deaf. It also took me just ninety hours. It had forty singers that interchanged coming and going. It seems an impossible task with no musical knowledge, but I just heard the singer's singing the finished work, and so I wrote down what they sang and off to the pub I went with the real musicians ....F.I.N.I.T.O.

Heartland is very beautiful. I got $25K for that job, but I was not known as a lyricist at the time.
The other way is to go at it is with your mind plink plonk and hope to be able to think it out coherently. Yawn, yawn, as you dither, waste time, digress and procrastinate.
Cash flow? Zip-nada-nothing.

This article is 700+ words it took eleven minutes to write. If it were a book of 50,000 words, that would be 78 hours, do you see. Be brave, establish a unique voice; write like wind, believe in ya self!

Bye for now,Stuart Wilde

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Thank you for reading,
Kyle Phoenix
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