Sextrology by Starsky & Cox, Book Review

Sextrology is a fun book for yourself based on your astrological sign, it's so exciting that it could work as a pass around book during a get together or a dinner party.  One, it's deeply insightful to each astrological sign.  Two, it examines multiple dimensions of that person---from gender, to sexuality, to how that sign is in work, love, relationships, sex.  In fact it goes deeply into the psychology, the sexuality of a person born under differing sun signs to the point of really considering what archetypes mean and relay about a person, whether hetero, homo, bi or trans sexual.  This is what sets this book apart, in fact actually makes it fantastic.

You can also pick up thisbook and in the margins find a list of celebrities/famous people through out history who have the same astrological sign as you and then also the sexual turn ons for that sign.  The margins also include the turn offs and the things to avoid so it goes from simply being a book about astrological signs and personality to a support manual for dating and relationships.  It's so indepth that as you find yourself examinging others, you'll find incredible revelations about yourself and to top it all off there's several handy charts that discusses compatibility between different signs, both hetereo and homosexual.  It's a super text that will become a staple on your shelf about astrology, human sexuality and psychology.

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