Sixth Sense by Stuart Wilde, BookReview

What I love most about Stuart Wilde is how he takes spiritual/metaphysical topics and in a casual tone, breaks down very complex ideas.  His other great strength is that can take very esoteric ideas and apply them to the average person to help them see the inherent skills and special attributes about themselves.  This book Sixth Sense focuses on one's spiritual self and the other levels of reality (and other realities) that influence us all.  Wilde makes a point of pointing out that he's relaying his experiences and most importantly what he's garnered from them.  His suggestions about one's attitude towards the world, nature, other people through the lens of spiritual awareness makes sense.  The book uses math, geometry and begins to discuss the other deminsionality of existences.  This might strike some readers as New Age-y and way out there until we apply and combine this with what physicists are studying around string theory and multi-verse/dimensionality.

This is an excellent intermediate level book for exploring one's sense of self and the rest of nature that we all experience but have yet to deeply investigate.

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