The Big Idea by Donny Deutsch, Book Review

People regularly have a desire to create a business that they control and design.  The desire to no longer be under the control of an employer is universal but the ability and planning to do so isn't as common.  How do you graduate from being a hopeful to learning the tricks and tips to actually make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.  The 3 areas you'll need to have some understanding if not mastery of are Sales, Taxes and Legalities.  The Big Idea falls into Sales.  Pointedly it teaches you about marketing with direct tales from people who have been on Donny Deutsch's tv show.  The people range in age, race and gender so there's someone's tale in here for everyone and more importantly they give you their strategies for how they overcame lack of money, experience and customers.

DOnny Deutsch brings his years as the owner of an advertising firm to sort of round out what works and what doesn't work and more importantly why.  Some books focus on the successes and leave it there but this book goes deeply into why something worked, what didn't work and the discernment between the two.  As a business owner you're marked by two things, your knowledge and your network.  I personally have joined several business mastermind groups because their knowledge and networking abilities are far beyond my own.  A wise man readily admits how little he knows and engages the world with humility and ignorance.  Take the time to build your library, especially if you can't find a group just yet to join.  Your bookshelf is your mastermind group and will help you through building a business and evaluating what your next steps are.

Kyle Phoenix
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