We Are All Africans, Book Review

The beauty of Professor Kwadwo Obeng's work is that he carefully and assiduously looks at the effects of Christianity, Judaism and Islam upon African descended people.  More expansive than simply an examination of racism, he directly works on how religion and the religious have imposed or decreed identity and social control over African people and their descendants.  The tracking and questioning of how historically the world's most powerful organizations---churches, have deliberately attacked, cajoled, controlled and blocked African people is startling.  What's more startling is the after effects and how they manifest themselves today all throughout the world.

I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Professor Obeng and talking a with him about his work as well as reading it and was blown away by the things I didn't know.  And I consider myself, having taught Black literature and history for years, conscious and aware of raciality on Earth.  You should add this to your library because it adds an international and psychologically international perspective to the understanding of race, religion and racism.  We generally don't consider what the major religions of the world have intentionally done in regards to racism because we want religion to alleviate our stresses and heighten and enlighten our spirits.  However we have a responsibility to illuminate ourselves as to how race and religion intersect and Prof. Obeng has done an excellent job in compiling an 800 page volume going exhaustively through history, sexuality, race, continents and identity to push it question how we balance our entrance into the 21st century and attempting to solve the mental illness of racism.  

Thank you,
Kyle Phoenix
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  1. Wow brother Phoenix! Thank you for this heartwarming endorsement. Reading it brought tears to my eyes. If you don't mind I will post your site's link on my website. The war to liberate our minds from mental slavery and mind control must be vigorously fought. Thanks for your support.

    Kwadwo Obeng

    1. You're welcome! Please feel free to re-post and share, your work is amazing and I look forward to having you on the tv show in person or by Skype!