How To Be A Billionaire by Martin Fridson, Book Review

I'll admit I was skeptical at the onset of reading this book.  Billionaire was a height of wealth that is difficult to imagine but to actually have someone write a book that included strategies to achieving that goal?  That seemed far fetched.  But I have to admit, Fridson has accomplished his book's audacious title and more.  I'm always up for a great book that provides useful information and logically say you aim for billion and fall at a few million, not bad, huh?

What are the strategies, you're wondering?  And more importantly, who does he profile?  Warren Buffett, John Kluge, Bill Gates and Laurence Tisch and others ascended to billionaire status because of a keen eye for "bargains".   Sir Richard Branson focuses on out managing the competition.  This book focuses on the methods, beliefs, and behaviors every businessperson must understand and emulate to reach the pinnacle of riches. A manual for success that can benefit every aspiring tycoon, it is a fascinating read for anyone intrigued by wealth and how it's gotten.

More importantly you should really add this to your bookshelf because it gives you insight into how and why people of wealth think about themselves and the world around them.  WHat this book definitely shows is that so many billionaires are fairly normal people who simply strategize with business like a game.  That's one of the traits by the wa, enjoying the art not the money making of gambling.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet love playing bridge and several others like the mechanics of figuring out odds and possibilities.  Use Fridson's book to also get an insight to your talents and how you can apply them to developing yourself and your entrepreneurial goals.

Kyle Phoenix
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