Gay, Thick, Fat Ass, Chunky, Fluffy Vs. GymBots, Part 1

There was recently a YouTube posting that was forwarded on to me from a Black man in Atlanta talking about going to nightclubs full of gay men and their general decline in health and being overweight.  So I replied...........

One, I think that he has a valid point/question. I think he's generalizing to simply the gay spots he was at and those men but it is a useful, thought provoking question to discuss how and why men of color might have health/obesity issues, particularly homosexuals.

 Two, higher level of estrogen, once one has gained weight, makes it difficult for testosterone to be re-activated/impel someone to go for the muscle gold.

Three, self esteem---I notice in Groups and Chat Rooms that there's an overemphasis on penis and sexual position but less so on well being. Technology, time, attention, society has a greater emphasis on appearance---a young man's game, far easier---but that doesn't mean we always grow in the internal areas of how to honor ourselves. If you're still halfway in the closet, shamed, DL, going through drama, unfulfilled, you're probably not thrilled to work out.

Four, ummmm a few of the homosexuals didn't grow up being the most physically engaged/sports centered individuals so it's not unusual that as adults, it's not a natural part of their life.

Fifth, in the video he makes an allusion to his friends talking about their excessive working habits. Men tend to subsume themselves at work because it gives an immediate response and reflection of a man whereas in heterosexual world men might have a marriage, different family dynamic, children to give him another sense of himself/his accomplishments.

Sixth, a partner, (wife, husband) would act as a force to remind a man, as they do, to take care of themselves physically. Some people are going to be more physically, kinetically inclined, others though need a reason to do it---staying attractive to your partner is it for a lot of men. But if sex is so readily available, plenty of men ready to settle for your less no matter how you look/you're ready to simply give less it's then not as much of a priority.

Seventh, food is comforting. Salt, sugar, carbs, liquor are literally designed by nature to give us a rush. If you're mildly depressed, shame based, working too much, a boost would be desired---all human beings partake in this---and we should also think about the fact that in the 20th century, we're less agrarian and food is more readily deliverable to us and culturally what does that mean? Suddenly people of color have physical and financial access to any and every kind of food they want when for generations we had restrictions and our work was more physical.

I've been both ends of the spectrum---I used to run 11 miles a day around Buffalo---like one end to the other, did marathons, etc.---eventually injuries lead me to slowing down, then I went from college into corporate America and a desk/chair/computer and even more frightening---any kind of food on Park avenue my heart could desire---the filet mignon at the Four Seasons, the 10am fresh breakfast/early lunch spread at Delmonico's on 50th, City Crab and a 4lb lobster, Billy's banana cream pie, 24hr Popeyes in Harlem---and a king sized bed.

It's taking me several years to find work arounds for my found tastes (frozen bags of veggies---2lbs or more with dinner and lunch) and long walks the length of Manhattan. I'm not Mr. Smoothie---kale and all---but I am conscious.  I also started the Body for Life program---now, I have not perfected it but I have intermittently used it to strengthen myself, drop weight, stay consistent.  it's a great program for all levels and really helps outline what to do when exercising and eating habits.

I think that while his YouTube rant goes on a bit long he does in an obtuse way ask some important questions and I thought it was really interesting how everyone defensed against it in the Thick Group rather than really talking about their weight and how it's happened positively or negatively, without all the hyperbole of "oooooh, I love myself cause Jesus made me good but my cholesterol is the same number as my weight".  Instead maybe really looking at why Haagen Dazs has a hold on a person and then they go into a food coma and then go to work, porn and clubs being the high points around that.

Sometimes the road to health and a cure is not laced with soft and fuzzy hugs and bunny rabbits, sometimes it slaps you so hard that a piece of fried chicken and biscuit crumbs come flying out.  So were you more upset by the slap or the truth or finding clever adjectives---like fluffy,m chub, thick ass, chunky, husky, stocky---to not deal with the health ramifications historically for men of color and weight?

Next time, I'll flip the coin on GymBots and the opposite end of the spectrum insanity that represents.

Thank you,
Kyle Phoenix
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