Engagement Marketing by Gail F. Goodman, Book Review

The wonder of the internet is that we can not only communicate with the entire planet (this blog/podcast has subscribers in New York, France, South Africa and Russia!) but how do you actually transform this tool and it's ability into a business.  Or more personally, I've had to question how to continue contacting the viewers of my tv show , this blog, the podcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and the YouTube videos---it actually crosses.  Right now we're in beta testing for the E newsletter (feel free to sign up on kylephoenixsite.com) but how does one bring all of this off?  There are about a good dozen books and webinars that I've been using as my board for how to do this and Ms. Goodman's is not only a great one but I'm a fan of her service.

Ms. Goodman invented the Constant Contact web service which does mass mailing and social campaigns to  companies.  I even use it for the classes I teach in person and online to poll and get feedback from the students.  It is literally an amazing service that 8 years ago when I was managing a thriving Amazon and Ebay virtual store would've worked in nicely with marketing.  The key to marketing is not simply the initial contact, or the communication but maitaining that discussion/relationship.  In many ways the seminars/classes that I attended here in New York with Ms. Goodman's company taught me how to understand the internet.  If you're truly interested in understanding the internet and it's varied uses this is a fantastic book.  And just maybe you'll start talking to people like I do in Australia and Zimbabwe and Ireland and Germany and Brazil and Canada----amazing!  Simply amazing research and teaching tool!

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Kyle Phoenix

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