Kyle Phoenix Answers: Can someone who isn't a sociopath get homicidal thoughts?

It's natural to wa
nt to harm others to express rage or resentment or jealousy and to fantasize about it. People answer the question with such piety and scorn then go see Terminator or a horror flick or Law & Order, part of what you're getting off on is the fantasizing d violence and destruction. Someone you can see, project your self into carrying out harm and malice towards others. We make a list celebrities, sequels, books, sex but we're mentally masturbating to all of it, not just the surface agreeable parts.
I don't watch tv but I've been caught in Forensic File loops for hours where violent urges are codified and then the sub message is but you'll be eventually caught though that's not true.
Only 12 to 20% of homicides are solved, which means you and I could probably, with some thought get away with it.
An interesting show would just be murders that aren't solved and a variety of law enforcement explaining how they have no idea what's happened. In many ways docuseries are a backward designing system on what to do to not get caught.

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