Kyle Phoenix Answers: In your opinion, is it harder to be a gay woman or a gay man?

Annabella opens the door.
Harvey Weinstein punches her in the stomach, drags her into the bedroom and rapes her then reminds her he controls her career and will destroy her and/or kill her depending on how he feels the day she breathes a word of this. In terror she renounces her career for years.
Knock, knock.
Brad Pitt opens the door.
Harvey considers raping such a pretty man even grabs Brad in a bear hug but Brad, having worked out, though he’s short uses his equivalent strength to push Harvey off. Harvey drunkenly mentions how pretty brad is. brad says he’ll kick his ass if he comes any closer. Harvey says he could ruin his career. Brad says :
“I am a pretty, talented, White man in America. I’ve already survived dating Robin Givens and Mike Tyson threatening me. Fuck off. I’ll be fine, better than fine and piss on your desk and grave on separate days.”
Now imagine Annabella is gay. How would her situation have been changed if she were a lesbian.
Now imagine Brad is gay, how would his situation have been changed if he were a homosexual.
Ok,ok, bonus round!
Knock, knock.
The door opens and Harvey Weinstein is looks at Idris Elba, who is not Caucasian and likes what he sees.
“You’re coming downstairs to the party, right, Idris?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be right there, mate,” Idris says because he ran to the door dripping from the shower. Why is Idris only in a towel and half naked and all scrumptious? because this is my friggin’ hypothetical!
“You’re so handsome, Idris.”
“Thank you, mate!”
“If you don’t——.”
“Oh, one second, the phone is ringing. Some guy who thought I would not just beat the living shit out of him if he threatened me, is calling to apologize again. Hold on, hold on. I’m sorry, Harvey, where were we?
“If you don’t hurry you’ll miss the lobster main entree.”
“Ooh, I love lobster! Did I mention I’m a Virgo? Want to come in and watch me dress, mate?”
Now imagine Idris is gay, how would his situation have been changed if he were a homosexual? And furthermore, what small chubby Caucasian dude do you know that has raped or hit on with any level of anything but hesitation and anxiety, a big, beautiful, strong, strapping, talented Black man who grew up having to handle his business mentally and physically?
Final, bonus round.
Knock, knock.
BD Wong, who is gay, opens the door to Harvey Weinstein.
“Hi, BD. You’re coming downstairs to dinner, right? Are you dressed yet? What’s that you’re wearing?”
Bradley Darryl Wong turns to his husband in the room behind him who is holding their two children.
“ | 不要谢谢” in Chinese or “Búyào xiè xiè.” in Pinyin.
Literal Meaning | : | Not Want Thank Thank (but still means no thank you.)
Confused Harvey turns and BD Wong closes the door. “He’s kind of creepy. Trying to get some M. Butterfly love,I think. Bitch, please,” he jokes to his husband.
Did I mention BD is from San Francisco?
Men, even with having to deal with racism, are always at less physical threat, even if you’re pocket sized, 5′6 like Brad Pitt. Male attack, discrimination and rape does occur. Hetero, homo, bi, sgl, etc but the numbers are staggeringly lower because men kill other men more often when attacked or if left alive. Women, raised on a planet of killing regularly towards women—-watch Forensic Files—- are sort of encultured to expect attack, no matter sexuality and to shrink away, to go heal, to thank their abusers for leaving them alive even if their careers are negatively impacted. Which is why we have to change laws….and no one is in the Middle East working out the outrageous level of oppression that the men are under and religious demands on how they dress and move. Female oppression is so ingrained, it’s literally a humanized social trait. If you’re not directly, indirectly, passively, flippantly or casually derogatory towards women, you’re considered literally weaker by some men.
Gay men are still men.
Lesbian women are women who have sex with women but are still women….and like a Raymond Carver story….even a dead woman is still able to be viewed sexually and with complete disregard, ankle tied to a tree to keep her river floating body from drifting away and a fishing trip of men goes uninterrupted.
Now imagine Idris is gay and loves me.
No, it has nothing to do with my point—-just do it. I’m collecting psychic energy for a…..project with him.
Thank you.
lord have mercy, look at them beans!!

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