Kyle Phoenix Answers: Why are some White women attracted to only Black men?

Black men have risen in education, prosperity, social power to near and sometimes greater position than white men. There is now a legal, socially sanctioned option.
It is biologically unnatural for us to live so close together and not mate.
Black people often phrase ending racism as less oppression but continue segregation. White phrase it ad a flattening to us all being some sort of nonthreatening white. What it will really be is so mixing and mating that we average each other out, as has happened in other countries, but Americans and European countries hold also a false genetic paradigm to race, that we're different types of humans. That paradigm is also adopted by people of color.
White women, privileged in society by being the closest to white men are now draining and redistributing white male power and that includes a generation or two that will absorb entitlement psychology as well.
Our next social dismantling are more mixed children from white and black women by choice not force or taboo power games. Men build a society but women shape it in their choices that breed and therefore produce the future.

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