Kyle Phoenix Answers: I'm a gay Black man into Asian men. Why are Asian men not into Blacks?

By generalization and not saying Chinese or Japanese or Hmong you're saying Asian ness is what you want. Isn't it racist to narrowly want someone for something so arbitrary? Maybe your hunger for Asian men towards them is the gross turn off. I know when men talk about how wonderful and sexy and desirable my melanin blackness is I feel creeper out. You know they don't have a cultural investment, never studied us beyond sex and gratification they just want the racial fantasy in their head to be with so that I'm not real, I'm interchangeable.
Because that's what it project, any Asian will do in a long as their eyes are Asian, ophthalmic, with Asian hair and maybe an Asian accent and clever far east ways.
Whiteness as privilege has taught us to reduce others to a physical race rather than human beings. They avoid you because its racially demeaning to be wanted because of a social construct projection and not as a real, breathing person.
Would you settle for a half Asian, a quarter? See you're really ordering an ego meal. Asian racist style.

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