Kyle Phoenix Answers: How do I get over the fact that I'm ugly, short, and socially awkward?

Well, first the public forum here is a blatant self pity party. You got the baseball bat for now what?
You can be a freakin drain on the rest of us by billboarding it so we're bastards if we wholesale agree and Pollyannas if we don't. How about you give out some charity by not inflicting it upon us?
Now how about you get to work on becoming someone of merit and interest? I don't know what you are interested in but I do know your interest in America's Next Top Model is over, your self esteem won't fly in vanity careers. How about you take a picture, print it out and bury it somewhere and after the ugmo funeral, elect to get on with life.
We, humanity, need you, if for nothing else to lift rocks, serve French fries, read to blind people ----there you go----blind folk. Your audience. They need a human being to help with tasks. You're a natural! Children, handicapped and terminal. Go spend sometime with folk who are truly challenged and every year take your ugmo pic and have a funeral. Bury your ugly self esteem deeper, perhaps wrap it in righteousness and anger. Purposefully bed beautiful women or men with lower standards. Picasso was a frog. Screwed like a king. Aristotle Onassis literally had to pay Jackie for each screw with 100k and a shopping spree at Harrods. Hideous faced folk have turned the universe slapping them in the face in talent, fame, fortune, intellect.
Dear God, get off the self pity cross. We need the wood.
Become interesting so as we recoil and grimace we're fascinated by your jewels of brilliance from your Quasimodo countenance.
Live with passion.
And sunblock.

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