Kyle Phoenix Answers: How is it that, in general, members of the LGBT community accumulate wealth and dominate the more well-to-do areas?

How is it that, in general, members of the LGBT community accumulate wealth and dominate the more well-to-do areas?

LGBT people who educate well or enter lucrative fields like sales, entrepreneurship, finance, real estate , creative arts, tend to do better because in higher end fields:

1. Travel is necessary. One, we, they can drop and go easier than a married sibling or even a friend with family responsibilities .

2. The social, political, religious and potential family ostracism tends to make you more independent. In many ways, evidenced by the Housewives of Dumblandia and midlife crises', family can be more impediment to identity than support. Straight people spend a lot of Time consulting a lot of invisible folk in their head about their own non harmful thoughts. Once you've polished a few poles or mowed a few bushes you tend to learn how to measure for yourself what you'll like.

3. LGBT folk learn to take risks because your existence can feel like one. So you check out stuff, fringe stuff that people around you might disapprove of. Success is based on a small group of people pulling away from the pack for space to assess how to proceed. Heterosexuals tend to glom together and fill in thinking rather than innovate and create----a pageant is the closest thing to a drag show, and pageants are creepy. That creative practice makes one stand out in business settings as well.

4. Having played closet games, da gays are human behavioral experts. I had to learn to shut my mouth in undergrad. I was infamous for meeting guys and girls and announcing as I walked away. "Gay. Lesbian.". Was I right 100% of the time? Yes, I was but it wasn't nice to announce it. I got to undergrad at 21, I'd been a cage dancer, done.......stuff throughout Manhattan, done stuff in nightclubs, sex clubs, met all manner of folk. Curiously never did drugs or alcohol. I was at Sexuality Mastery level when I hit Buffalo. But that social advancement gives me....insights into folks and situations.

5. Sexual advancement. Da sexuality straight line-people get experience from experts or massive quantities. Da 
sexuality squiggles get experience with every encounter and there's no social stigma....because you're already stigmatized. So you have more attention to focus because sex isn't so remarkable. Once you cross the Amazon....that you know you're into Amazons, the Hudson ain't no challenge.

6. The ostracized learn to accept others. By accepting others you make impacts and friends that you don't even know. Before the books and TV show, guys and girls would corner me and ask for counseling, thank me, tell me their secrets. I know more shit about folks I 
don't  know that well by I'm also like a jellybean on the Titanic, no one will find your secrets out from me. Maybe your secrets are the jellybean and I'm the Titanic? Wait, wait, I don't want to be fat. OK, I'm the adorable jellybean. There is no Titanic. I'll keep your secrets.

7. Very little shocks us. A friend in college, I was an RA, once told me he used to put frozen hot dogs up his butt as a child to simulate penetration and imagined dead relatives watching him now get banged out lovely by guys ----like surrounding the bed, he couldn't focus during sex.

Another who did an interior design job on his dorm room that that reminded one of well...Nate Berkus denied being gay for a year. We walked into a gay bar in Buffalo a year and a half later, that mofo was on top of the speakers in a purple thong shaking his moneymaker. During my hour long peals of laughter he tearfully begged we not out him. I told him his girlfriend who looked like a ripped Sarah Connor would spill the beans....after she came out. A lot of coupled secrets. Twofers.

More female coworkers who are strictly dickly , two months into friendships share their lesbionic tryst info.

Such confidences gain you allies far and wide.. The Gay Mafia is real....and bitchy.

8. Excluding those young'uns we do/pay for their go go dancing body-oddie , we generally ain't got no kids for a good 20-30 years. A roommate and i to prove a point or on a dare once went out every night for a week to new clubs----I 
don't  know what the bet was but my boss at Dreyfus told me more toothpaste when one stumbles in soused on a Wednesday. Luckily it was a temp assignment.

Straight boys and girls get saddled with bastards IN high school sometimes! GTFOH!!!!! You know what I got from working at a department store in high school---a FICO score, credit line, two credit cards and a store card. You know what some of classmates got? The naming rights of their first bastard.
Children either in the middle of a dance floor or in your life......slow you down. Before 30. You need your twenties....for drinking challenges and 80hr work weeks and college and to find out if it's all about the bass when you and two friends make an Eiffel Tower.

Go to any poor neighbor. 
Stand still. 
In ten minutes, you'll see some disheveled child, a bedraggled parent and polyester worn by all.

9. You work harder because LGBT sex at your job is much hotter than straight sex. Trust me. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

10. If we play our cards right we suss out good partners, older richer partners, dying parents and sweetheart business and real estate deals. Why and how? All that quiet, lazing in the tub easing sore sex muscles and hangovers in a quiet childless house gives us time to read, recruit and reconnoiter while straights are trying to figure out how to make their family annihilation happen before the holidays.

No LGBT mass family annihilations, ijs.
Happier folk.

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