Kyle Phoenix Answers: How do I explore my sexuality if I am sexually confused?

I advocate healthy, safe experience. I tell my students, into their 70s, to go fuck. To make love. To go make out. To go flirt. To date. Different sexes multiple genders just show with a smile and boundaries around anything unsafe. No one is judging you, you ain't got to tell everyone who and what you're up to. You can experiment with five different people in five different parts of town. Online dating, create multiple profiles by interests. Sometimes u want to date or have sex or a relationship. That's all fine.

Have fun. Keep a journal. Get pictures. Fuck around. Refuse to label yourself for a decade or two. Be honest about your business if you're in a relationship, otherwise, ain't no bodies bizness what u do....folk gonna criticize u any way...might as well have a great friggin saga.

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